Sir Arthur C Clarke

Arthur C Clarke


Writing and hosting global TV series Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World


Arthur Clarke writes 2010: Odyssey Two, featuring a joint Soviet-American mission (aboard the Soviet spacecraft Leonov) during the height of Cold War


Arthur Clarke receives the Marconi Prize for “significant contribution to the advancement of communications for the benefit of mankind through scientific or technological discoveries”


Arthur Clarke visits the Star City close to Moscow, where he is an honoured guest of cosmonauts and Soviet space administrators


As part of World Telecommunications Year, Arthur Clarke speaks at the United Nations headquarters in New York on the future of human communications


Arthur C Clarke Foundation is launched during World Telecommunications Year


2010: The Year We Make Contact movie, directed by Peter Hyams, is released


Arthur Clarke is invited by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences to speak at the Vatican on the ‘Impact of Space Exploration on Mankind’



The Songs of Distant Earth is published (Clarke regarded this as his favourite)


Arthur Clarke diagnosed as having Post-Polio Syndrome, and progressively loses mobility (he was wheelchaired during the last decade of his life)


Arthur Clarke appointed Chancellor of the International Space University (held it till 2002)