Sir Arthur C Clarke

Rights and

The intellectual property (including copyrights) of Arthur C Clarke’s writings, personal archives, images and audio-visual materials is vested in the Arthur C Clarke Trust in Sri Lanka.

The Trust welcomes enquiries from journalists, students, teachers, researchers, advocacy groups, government agencies and any other non-commercial entities on using any aspect of Sir Arthur C Clarke’s writings, quotes or images. [For all commercial requests, please contact the literary agents directly.]

Some Clarke writing and quotes, such as his well-known Three Laws, have been so widely quoted that they are now considered to be in the public domain. In such cases, permission to cite or use them is not required.

If you are uncertain, please contact us.

Images on this website

This website has drawn on the substantial collection of archival images held by the Arthur C Clarke Trust. These may be reused for educational, journalistic and other non-commercial purposes by simply acknowledging the source as ‘Arthur C Clarke Trust’.

Where images are drawn from other sources, photo credit is given. The Trust is not in a position to grant third party use of such externally sourced images.

Videos embedded on this website

This website has used two kinds of videos. Remembering Arthur C Clarke is a series of Reminiscences by Lankans who knew Sir Arthur and/or were inspired by him. These videos are free for reuse for any non-commercial purposes by simply acknowledging the source as ‘Arthur C Clarke Trust’.
We have also embedded other videos that are already shared online, primarily on YouTube. In such cases, please direct your enquiries to the publishers of such content.

Please see also the Resources section of this website.