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Non Fiction

This is a list of Arthur C Clarke’s non-fiction works that have appeared in book form. It includes collaborations (with co-author names given). These books cover all his areas of interest and expertise: space travel, telecommunications, undersea exploration, probing the mysterious and paranormal, and extrapolating on humanity’s future.

The list does not include hundreds of essays, book reviews and other stand-alone pieces of writing he has contributed to dozens of publications. A useful, albeit incomplete listing of such work is found in Arthur C. Clarke: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography by David N. Samuelson (G K Hall, 1984).

Many of these titles are still in print, some having run into multiple editions and reprints. Please check online or with book sellers for availability.




Voice Across the Sea

This new book by the author of The Making of a Moon and The Exploration of Space is an account of Man’s newest victory in an age-old conflict - his war against the barrier seas. It is a story of great moral courage, of scientific skill, of million-dollar gambles. Voice Across the Sea tells the story of transoceanic cables from the laying of the first crude submarine cable in 1858 to the opening of the first telephone cable in 1956. The first bridging of the Atlantic Ocean by cable was as exciting to the public as the crossing of space is today. Some of the most brilliant of Victorian journalists covered the cable-laying operations from the fabulous Great Eastern and their eye-witness accounts of storms at sea, breaks in the cable, and other difficulties make fascinating reading. The story of the deep-sea cables is also the story of several remarkable (and often eccentric) geniuses such as the financier-adventurer Cyrus Field, and the scientists Lord Kelvin, Samuel Morse, Thomas Edison and Oliver Heaviside. Voice Across the Sea gives a complete though non-technical account of the many problems that had to be overcome before the cables could be laid. After explaining how the modern submerged repeater has revolutionized transoceanic communication, the book ends with a brief glimpse of the still more remarkable possibilities opened up by radio links in the Earth Satellites.



Voices from the Sky

Voices from the Sky is the log of a voyage which has only just begun - Man’s odyssey from Earth, his first home, among the planets, to the stars and across the universe. Arthur C. Clarke, distinguished author of such classics as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Childhood’s End, has once again created a work of vaulting imagination and dazzling scientific prophecy - the saga of mankind’s journey toward a destiny waiting in the far-flung future beyond 2001.