Sir Arthur C Clarke

Arthur C Clarke


Rendezvous with Rama is published, and sweeps the science fiction genre’s all top awards. Foresees Spaceguard to protect Earth from rogue asteroids


Arthur Clarke works with Indian educators and space scientists on the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE) beaming satellite TV to 2,400 villages across India


Indian government donates satellite dish antenna to Arthur Clarke whose household becomes first in Sri Lanka to have television via satellite


Arthur Clarke speaks on "Communications in the Second Century of the Telephone," at MIT to mark the centennial of the telephone


The Fountains of Paradise is published. The novel popularises the Space Elevator to a global audience


Appointed Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (position held till 2002)


Arthur Clarke acts as Leonard Woolf in Lester James Peries movie adaptation of The Village in the Jungle (Beddegama, Sinhala, 130 mins)